Monday, August 22, 2016

Kitchen Cabinet Styles You Should be Familiar With

Kitchen Cabinet Styles

 It’s time to remodel your kitchen, but you are faced with a multitude of options.  One of the more difficult choice may be cabinet style.  There is a variety of cabinet designs to meet every taste and need.  Once you know more about each type, you will have an easier time choosing the style that is best for your home. 


Shaker cabinets are versatile design that works well in many different homes.  Traditional or modern style kitchens can have beautiful shaker cabinets. 


Another popular choice which was inspired by Gothic architecture is cathedral style of cabinets.  This style boasts an arch of the cabinet front panel that can be sized to your liking.  Cathedral style cabinets are more traditional and work best when there are taller ceilings.


A close relative to the cathedral style, this design has a basic arch on the front compared to the ornate arch of a cathedral cabinet.  The arch style tends to work best in a traditional kitchen.  You can even have the arch portion made of clear glass to give your kitchen a beautiful look.

Raised Panel

If you are looking for an upscale look, than raised panel cabinets would fit the bill.  The center or the cabinet door is slightly raised above the rest of the cabinet.  Raised panels also look best in more traditional designs.


Inset cabinets are made to fit precisely into the cabinet frame.  The hinges are visible therefore you will need to take care in the type of hinges you choose.  Due to the way inset cabinets are constructed, they tend to be more expensive than other styles. 


If you like the contemporary look with straight, clean lines, a flat cabinet will work best.  Flat panels are simply constructed with no overlaid pieces or arches; only a flat piece of the material of your choice with a simple handle.


Glass cabinets look fantastic and add more light to your kitchen if you are lacking in natural light.  Clear or frosted options are available.  Having solid glass or glass mixed with wood works well in almost any kitchen design.  With glass cabinets you can showcase what is typically hidden behind wood doors. 


If you are interested in a budget friendly option or would like texture or a bright color, then you should choose laminate cabinets.  When you have a contemporary taste, the variety of chooses of laminate cabinets will work will in your design.


If your design is more vintage or antique than distressed cabinets are the best choice.  They do come at a higher price point because the cabinets have to be made and then distressed. 


Cabinets with a beadboard design are fantastic choice in many designs but they look best in cottage style or vintage kitchens.  The beadboard is layed in the center of the cabinet and decorative trim is placed on the outside.   The only possible downside to beadboard is the cleaning; it may be more difficult to get into the nooks and crannies of the cabinet.

Before you start your kitchen design, it is important to be familiar with the various styles of cabinets so that you can make the best choice for your style.  Consult the expert designers at J & B Fine Cabinetry today to help you with all of your design needs.


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